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Hardcover | 301pg | Smart Guide Publications | September 2012 | ISBN10: 1937636186 | ISBN13: 9781937636180

The Smart Guide To Nutrition

The Smart Guide to Nutrition introduces you to the essential or required nutrients. It explains exactly how your body uses these nutrients. By learning the truth about how your body’s cells use nutrients, you can make better choices in avoiding dangerous fad diets, and considering certain processed foods, and knowing the facts about dietary supplements. The Smart Guide to Nutrition gives you all the facts you need to know on nutrients and nutrition. With this book as your guide, you can dispel food myths and steer clear of harmful diets, products, and pitches. Learn nutrition in the right way, by beginning with the facts of nutrient chemistry in your body. Diets may come into and out of fashion, but your body nutrition never changes. This Smart Guide will help you know the basics of human nutrition.