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Detailed Writing Requires Detailed Research

Anne Maczulak is the author of 14 books on microbes and the environment. She has appeared on TV and radio, contributed to publications such as Psychology Today, and has discussed her specialty at book signings and for local organizations. She has spent many years refining her birdwatching skills, and is now working on new writing projects on the backstories of scientific discovery and the world of birds.

Consumer Books

The Smart Guide to Biology

The Smart Guide to Biology

The complete roadmap to understanding how the body works, its origins, development, components and ingredients. Unusual blend of science, theory and what it all means. Beginning with how the first cells emerged on earth, this handy guide gives you clear insight into how organisms work, play, adapt and evolve.

The Smart Guide to Fighting Infections

The Smart Guide to Fighting Infections

Ever wonder how to boost your immune system for fighting colds and flu? Worried about the germiest places in your home, at school, and in work? Do you want to know the truth about vaccines? The Smart Guide to Fighting Infections gives you the basic facts you need for navigating a world full of germs.

The Smart Guide to Nutrition

The Smart Guide to Nutrition

The Smart Guide to Nutrition introduces you to the essential or required nutrients. It explains exactly how your body uses these nutrients. By learning the truth about how your body’s cells use nutrients, you can make better choices in avoiding dangerous fad diets, and considering certain processed foods, and knowing the facts about dietary supplements.

Allies and Enemies

Allies and Enemies

Bacteria thrive on every surface of the earth. They recycle the Earth’s elements, create nutrition, clean up wastes, regulate the climate, and make water drinkable. They are invisible, mysterious, and essential organisms. And yet, we fear bacteria.

The Smart Guide to Biology

The Five Second Rule

They’re everywhere! In water, food, air, and soil. On the kitchen counter and in the bathroom. On our skin, in our intestines, and even swimming in our mouths! They affect us every second of our lives, but most microbes are terribly misunderstood.

Books for Educators

Encyclopedia of Microbiology

Encyclopedia of Microbiology

The Encyclopedia of Microbiology is a comprehensive reference that presents the ways in which microorganisms influence not only this planet but also the rest of the solar system.

Biodiversity - Anne Maczulak


Biodiversity: Conserving Endangered Species explores the relationship between habitats and adaptation-two important areas of biodiversity, a field devoted to the study of the variety of living things on Earth or within a specific area.

Cleaning Up The Environment - Anne Maczulak

Cleaning Up the Environment

Cleaning Up the Environment: Hazardous Waste Technology is an overview of current and emerging methods used in cleaning up pollution. The book explains the advantages and disadvantages of the physical, chemical, and biological methods employed to remove hazardous waste from contaminated sites.

Conservation - Anne Maczulak


Conservation: Protecting Our Plant Resources discusses the careful and controlled use of natural resources for the purpose of extending their availability and retaining global biodiversity.

Environmental Engineering - Anne Maczulak

 Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering: Designing a Sustainable Future examines how this field, which incorporates not only aspects of art and design but also physics, geology, ecology, and the chemistry of matter, evolved from a discipline of civil engineering.

Pollution - Anne Maczulak


Pollution: Treating Environmental Toxins is a fascinating overview of environmental medicine, an interdisciplinary field including physiology, chemistry, and environmental science, and its development into an important area within human and veterinary medicine.

Renewable Energy - Anne Maczulak

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy: Sources and Methods examines the current technologies in renewable energy, a critical subject given that the world increases its energy consumption between 1 and 3 percent each year.

Sustainability - Anne Maczulak


Sustainability: Building Eco-Friendly Communities explores the ways in which sustainability has influenced environmental science, how communities have begun to make changes in order to live in a sustainable way, and the impact of new materials on the conservation of natural resources.

Waste Treatment - Anne Maczulak

Waste Treatment

Waste Treatment: Reducing Global Waste looks at the global waste problem and the different classifications of materials that are treated through waste management and examines the waste stream-various wastes that move through the environment toward a final disposal.