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Hardcover | 858pg | Facts on File | April 2011 | ISBN10: 0816073643 | ISBN13: 9780816073641

The Encyclopedia of Microbiology

Microbiology is a multifaceted field that investigates organisms that are invisible to the naked eye, including pathogenic microbes. Microbiology also includes studies on the structure, function, and classification of these organisms and ways of manipulating their activities. With its foundations established in the 19th century by Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch, among others, microbiology has made it possible to identify many disease-causing microorganisms as well as provide a means of controlling their harmful effects. The Encyclopedia of Microbiology is a comprehensive reference that presents the ways in which microorganisms influence not only this planet but also the rest of the solar system. It covers topics that affect global health, industry, and the environment.

The encyclopedia features more than 200 cross-referenced entries and includes 13 essays that discuss topical issues in microbiology, such as AIDS, antibiotics, bioterrorism, and germs in air travel. It is also enhanced by more than 130 black-and-white photographs and an eight-page insert of color photographs.

Microbiologist Anne Maczulak wrote this book for students from grade 9 through their first year in college. The Encyclopedia of Microbiology is a readable and informative resource for anyone who does not have a formal training in this interesting field of science.