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Cleaning Up The Environment -  Anne Maczulak

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Hardcover | 226pg | Facts on File | July 2009 ISBN10: 0816071985 | ISBN13: 9780816071982

Cleaning Up the Environment: Hazardous Waste Technology

Cleaning Up the Environment: Hazardous Waste Technology is an overview of current and emerging methods used in cleaning up pollution. The book explains the advantages and disadvantages of the physical, chemical, and biological methods employed to remove hazardous waste from contaminated sites. It also presents step-by-step the processes of finding, testing, and cleaning hazardous waste sites, beginning with contamination assessment and ending with cleaned and restored environments. Citing actual examples and statistics, figures, and case studies, sidebars enhance fundamental concepts and give the reader a sense of the urgency of the issues related to hazardous waste treatment.

The volume includes information on:

  • Brownfield sites
  • Commerce versus ecology
  • Contamination
  • Excavating pollutants
  • International waste-control programs
  • Oxidation technology
  • Remediation technology
  • The Superfund and its history
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • The water supply

The book contains 50 color photographs and line illustrations, sidebars, five appendixes, a glossary, a detailed list of print and Internet resources, and an index. Green Technology is essential for high school students, teachers, and general readers who seek information on the important issues that affect the environment worldwide.