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Paperback | 314pg | Smart Guide Publications | December 2014 | ISBN10: 01937636186 | ISBN13: 9781937636692

The Smart Guide To Fighting Infections

Ever wonder how to boost your immune system for fighting colds and flu? Worried about the germiest places in your home, at school, and in work? Do you want to know the truth about vaccines? The Smart Guide to Fighting Infections gives you the basic facts you need for navigating a world full of germs. Learn why some germs are dangerous to you and what makes them a danger. Learn how to protect your family from the common germs in your community. Gain insight into the invisible world of viruses, bacteria, and other microscopic creatures that live on you, inside you, and all around you.

Use this Smart Guide as an easy-to-read handbook on living in harmony with the good microbes around you. Most important, this Smart Guide instructs you on the ways germs get near you, how they enter your body, and start infections. You’ll also learn the most effective ways to stop infections before they begin but blocking germ transmission. And if you get an infection? This book gives you tips on how to reduce the severity of infection and reduce your chances of future infections.