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The Smart Guide to Biology

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Paperback | 328pg | Smart Guide Publications | September 2014 | ISBN10: 1937636208 | ISBN13: 9781937636814

The Smart Guide To Biology

The complete roadmap to understanding how the body works, its origins, development, components and ingredients. Unusual blend of science, theory and what it all means. Beginning with how the first cells emerged on earth, this handy guide gives you clear insight into how organisms work, play, adapt and evolve. Meet DNA and proteins, genetics and inheritance, bacteria, algae, plants, animals, and lots more. How invertebrates, complex animals and plants interrelate and form the ecosystem. The brilliance of this guide is the author’s ability to translate complex science into the simple. An in-depth look at biology from the beginning of time to today, in plain English.

The Smart Guide to Biology reveals:

  • How cells work – structure, membranes, nucleus, cytoplasm and mitochondria
  • Reproduction – cycles, fertilization, systems and breeding
  • Ecology and ecosystems and how humans fit in, conservation
  • Endocrine, immune and sensory systems