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Hardcover | 304pg | Running Press Book Publishers | November 2007 | ISBN10: 1560259507 | ISBN13: 9781560259503

The Five Second Rule

They’re everywhere! In water, food, air, and soil. On the kitchen counter and in the bathroom. On our skin, in our intestines, and even swimming in our mouths! They affect us every second of our lives, but most microbes are terribly misunderstood. The Five-Second Rule and Other Myths about Germs does away with the notion that you need a doctorate to understand the microscopic world. Dr. Anne Maczulak addresses all the questions we have about microbes in a fun and informative way. Loaded with myth-busting sidebars, health and sanitation tips, and illustrations of our invisible friends and enemies, this is the one how-to reference every person needs to live a healthy life in our microbial world.While giving readers a primer on the science of microbes, Dr. Maczulak explains: Whether or not the “five-Second Rule” really applies when you drop food on the floor The bacterial dangers lurking in the workplace and at home, even in your laundry Surprising facts about household cleaning products What cautions we should take during food preparation What we should do about anthrax Why it may be safer to eat your sandwich in the bathroom than in the kitchen Loaded with informational sidebars and more than 30 illustrations. Includes 25 frequently asked questions about microbes.