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Sustainability -  Anne Maczulak

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Hardcover | 223pg | Facts on File | October 2009 ISBN10: 0816072019 | ISBN13: 9780816072019

Sustainability: Building Eco-Friendly Communities

Sustainability is the maintenance of a harmonious balance within a system over a period of time. In light of innovative green technologies, the concept can now include the ability to maintain an ecosystem’s ecological processes, biodiversity, and productivity. Sustainability: Building Eco-Friendly Communities explores the ways in which sustainability has influenced environmental science, how communities have begun to make changes in order to live in a sustainable way, and the impact of new materials on the conservation of natural resources. Sidebars, figures, and case studies enhance fundamental concepts and examine urgent issues related to the future of the environment.

The volume includes information on:

  • Alternative materials and products
  • Animal and plant aquaculture
  • Biopesticides
  • The ecosystem of animals, humans, plants, and other life
  • Engineered foods and crops
  • Green biotechnology
  • Marine biotechnology
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Sustainable communities
  • White biotechnology

The book contains more than 50 color photographs and line illustrations, five appendixes, a glossary, a detailed list of print and Internet resources, and an index. Green Technology is essential for high school students, teachers, and general readers who seek information on the important issues that affect the environment worldwide.