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Green Technology Series

Green Technology is an eight-volume set that examines the relationship between human activities and their sometimes harmful consequences for the environment. These books explore new methods being used today for repairing and restoring the Earth. The environmental issues confronting society has spawned significant controversy. Author Anne Maczulak presents all sides of the debates on environmental technology, endangered species, climate change, and the human influences on forests and oceans. The set also covers relevant history in the environmental movement and new green technologies and innovations in environmental science.

The Green Technology books are intended as a complement to science curricula for grades 9 through 12. They also offer fascinating reading for adults with nontechnical backgrounds and for college students new to the environmental sciences. The set consists of the following titles: Biodiversity, Conservation, Cleaning Up the Environment, Sustainability, Environmental Engineering, Pollution, Renewable Energy, and Waste Treatment.

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All 8 hardcover volumes together.

Hardcover | Facts on File | December 2009
ISBN10: 0816082782 | ISBN13: 9780816082780


Conserving Endangered Species

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Hardcover | 216pg | Facts on File | October 2009
ISBN10: 0816071977 | ISBN13: 9780816071975

Cleaning Up the Environment

Hazardous Waste Technology

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Hardcover | 226pg | Facts on File | July 2009
ISBN10: 0816071985 | ISBN13: 9780816071982


Protecting Our Plant Resources

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Hardcover | 200pg | Facts on File | October 2009
ISBN10: 0816071993 | ISBN13: 9780816071999

Environmental Engineering

Designing a Sustainable Future

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Hardcover | 213pg | Facts on File | November 2009
ISBN10: 0816072000 | ISBN13: 97808160720002


Treating Environmental Toxins

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Hardcover | 232pg | Facts on File | October 2009
ISBN10: 0816072027 | ISBN13: 9780816072026

Renewable Energy

Sources and Methods

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Hardcover | 206pg | Facts on File | December 2009
ISBN10: 0816072035 | ISBN13: 9780816072033


Building Eco-Friendly Communities

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Hardcover | 223pg | Facts on File | October 2009
ISBN10: 0816072019 | ISBN13: 9780816072019

Waste Treatment

Reducing Global Waste

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Hardcover | 198pg | Facts on File | September 2009
ISBN10: 0816072043 | ISBN13: 9780816072040