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Biodiversity -  Anne Maczulak

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Hardcover | 216pg | Facts on File | October 2009 | ISBN10: 0816071977 | ISBN13: 9780816071975

Biodiversity: Conserving Endangered Species

Biodiversity: Conserving Endangered Species explores the relationship between habitats and adaptation-two important areas of biodiversity, a field devoted to the study of the variety of living things on Earth or within a specific area. The book looks at the ways in which habitats are destroyed, the devastating effect this has on biodiversity, and the ways in which environmental scientists try to save endangered species by restoring their habitats. Sidebars citing actual examples and statistics, figures, and case studies enhance fundamental concepts and give the reader a sense of the urgency of the issues related to biodiversity.

The volume includes information on:

  • Animal and plant diversity
  • Environmental ethics
  • Global conservation strategies
  • Human decisions that endanger wildlife
  • Mapping and monitoring the environment
  • Measuring diversity
  • Native versus invasive species
  • Species and extinction
  • Urban development
  • Wildlife monitoring and preservation

The book contains 50 color photographs and line illustrations, three appendixes on conservation and diversity, a glossary, a detailed list of print and Internet resources, and an index. Green Technology is essential for high school students, teachers, and general readers who seek information on the important issues that affect the environment worldwide.